Why must Starswap be deployed on the Starcoin?

This is because Starcoin has an open ecosystem and secure architecture, which guarantees that Starswap is an easy and secure DEX for trading and exchanging, making more user-friendly decentralized finance (DeFi).

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What is STC token?

STC is a native coin on the Starcoin, which can be obtained by swapping, mining, trading, or participating in airdrops

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What is STAR token?

STAR is a token on the Starswap for platform governance, which can be obtained by exchanging in the Swap or by staking the LP token in the Farm.

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What is FAI token?

FAI is the stablecoin on the Starcoin, which value is pegged to 1 USD, backed by crypto-asset $STC as collateral. It can be mined by staking STC (fai.bfly.finance) or exchanged on the Swap (starswap.xyz).

Does Starswap support USDT or other stablecoins?

Starswap supports USDT(Starcoin)/USDC(Aptos) after the cross-chain bridge goes online.

Is there a cross-chain bridge to transfer my USDT assets to Starswap?

The cross-chain bridge for Starcoin is under development and is scheduled to launch in April 2022. Starswap will add USDT and other popular assets into the supported tokens.

Is Starswap secure?

Starswap is absolutely secure. Starswap is deployed on the Starcoin, which is highly secure and reliable by using the PoW consensus mechanism to build a two-layer network ecosystem for the on-chain governance, and adopting the extremely secure MOVE smart contract language.

How does Starswap contract upgrade?

Starswap contract upgrades use a time lock mechanism. Submit an upgrade plan before each update, and the upgrade can be performed after 24 hours. The next version will take the form of a DAO-based community vote upgrade.

What are the main risks of Starswap?

Starswap has the risk of impermanent losses or divergence loss during the on-chain trading process including mining, exchanging, and staking liquidity

Is Starswap open source?

Yes. Please visit the Github:https://github.com/Elements-Studio/starswap-core

How do I participate in the DAO management?

You can use the STAR token for the platform governance for community voting to participate in the DAO management.

What should I do if the transaction waits too long or has no response?

First, please try to disconnect your wallet if connected), and then re-access your wallet.

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